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Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Bella's Corner

My mother was the hostess with the mostest!

My family moved around quite a bit when I was a child. We lived in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Starting with Israel, then Senegal, Switzerland, Greece and California, where we ultimately settled down. No matter where we were in the world, our mom made sure our house was a home.

My mom, Bella, cooked and baked and gardened. My dad was the social butterfly. On more than the rare occasion, he would invite big groups of people over for dinner with no notice to my mom. My mom would scold him for a moment as she felt unprepared, and then she would role up her sleeves and get to work. She would make the most delicious and flavorful salads (we had no idea that many kids didn’t eat their vegetables). She would marinate meat and fishes (I am told they were delicious; though I myself have been a vegetarian since I can remember). But her favorite things to make was cakes. And, not only were those the most delicious cakes, they were always beautiful. Presentation was everything. She would always say that your first taste is with your eyes. The better something looks, the better it will taste.

My mom made everyone feel comfortable and loved in our home, because everyone was always welcome in our home. Even a simple dish of berries was presented like a beautiful cake. And this is all before instagram or pinterest or any other social media. Her presentation was all for those lucky enough to enjoy the dishes she made.

My mom left us way to soon, and her absence has left a gaping hole. This page is a tribute to my mom. Bella by name, bella by nature.

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